Creative Business: Media and Entertainment Management (EN)

‘There’s no business like show business.’ 

The international world of media and entertainment has a huge influence on our opinions and the way we define ourselves. With the rise of new technologies and their acceptance among new target audiences, this influence has become more profound than ever. Among other factors, this is a result of this industry’s increasing accessibility to a growing audience and their continuous demand for media and entertainment. Ask yourself: when was the last day you weren't somehow touched by it? Graduates from Creative Business: Media and Entertainment at Inholland know how to make this industry even more relevant.

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4 jaar
Den Haag

Open Evening 31 October

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Jobs within your reach

  • Film or TV producer
  • Event manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Social media marketeer
  • Artist manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Content creator
  • Manager of vloggers

Less typical careers

  • Journalist
  • TV Presenter
  • Singer
  • Camera operator
  • Actor
  • Event host(ess)
  • Vlogger
  • DJ

Proud of

Lost in Translation

International students and Ramona organised a day on a topic that people don't tend to talk about much: homesickness. Studying in a different country is an exciting challenge and home can sometimes feel a long way away. The students Creative Business: Media and Entertainment Management decided to lift their fellow students' spirits with an original, activity-filled day.

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